Remove your calloused skin

with LOVE PUMICE® – The #1 Home Pedicure Product



LOVE PUMICE® is already fast becoming the most popular home pedicure pumice stones on Amazon!!


Unlike conventional pumice stones, LOVE PUMICE® stones are made of high grade glass pumice and come in the form of a hard sponge. LOVE PUMICE® stones have a unique selling point of having two varying levels of coarseness in one pumice bar so that you can have a top class pedicure in the comfort of your own home.


LOVE PUMICE® stones come in a pack of 4, and are individually wrapped for extra benefits.


In fact LOVE PUMICE® stones are perfect as little gifts, a pampering night in with friends and of course as Christmas stocking stuffers.


Used by both men and women, young and old, LOVE PUMICE® is bringing back smiles to our customers #HAPPYFEET

Benefits of LOVE PUMICE® 4 Pack

0 -10
1 Pumice stone can be used between 8 to 10 times before discarding
Get up to 40 mini pedicures from our 4 pack
$ 100 .99
For 1 LOVE PUMICE® 4 Pack from $14.99 - you save $5.00 on orders over $35
2 levels of coarseness to suit any type of feet

LOVE PUMICE® stones are suitable for:

People on their feet

For hikers, walkers, police officers on the beat, retail staff and people who spend a long time on their feet

People who love their feet

For models, celebrities and people who just want to have beautiful looking feet

Sports Enthusiasts

For sports enthusiasts who play football, rugby, tennis, squash, basketball, baseball, badminton, running, cyclists or any sports that involve being on your feet

Hands & Body

For hands worn out from construction or manual work as well as elbows and knees


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