Premium Quality

Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives. This Premium Pumice stone for feet is made from high quality glass pumice. It sheds very little unlike others in the market and is guaranteed to last a long time. What’s more it comes as a pack of 4!! YES 4!! You won’t get any better bang for your buck!!

Environmentally Safe

Eco Friendly, Anti-Bacterial Solution Safe. It’s the perfect size and fits into the palm of the hand for easy use and looks pretty too!!

#1 Selling Home Pedicure Gift

Say goodbye to cracked heels and nasty calluses. Love Pumice stones will leave your feet looking a million dollars but they can also be used as pumice stones for body, hands and elbows!! Our popular pumice stones are used by salons across the USA.

Perfect Results

You will notice amazing results straight away. Say Hello to beautiful, smooth and silky feet. Our pumice stones are effective, and do exactly as advertised, end of!! Each pumice stone is INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED and is an ideal Christmas stocking stuffer!


  • I'm a barefoot walker and have built up huge callouses over the years. Could walk on hot coals. The callouses started splitting as they dried up so I decided to try this pumice stone and in three days my feet are returning to normal. There is a rough side for people like me but then when most of the callous is gone you can use the finer side. I'm very happy with the product.

    Patricia A. Hill - Amazon Customer
    Patricia A. Hill - Amazon CustomerCalifornia
  • This is an excellent product to get rid of the rough and crack skin on your precious feet! This is better than the pumice stone, its much more user friendly, not as rough, it has two grits, it's long enough to use like a 'Handle' that gives you control and flexibility. Get a pack!

    Curtis D. De Cruz - Amazon Customer
    Curtis D. De Cruz - Amazon CustomerSan Jose, Ca. USA
  • This Pack of 4 Pumice Stone by is durable, sturdy, very handy, convenient, and great to use after showers. After being on my feet for well over 12 hours for several days a week, these Pumice Stones are well welcomed. I find them to be so soothing to my aching feet. I have used them during my foot soak baths and boy I tell you my feet have life!! These remind me of the ones used at the spa so I use them just as they do one side for scrubbing with soap and the other side for soothing with a lotion, butter, and or oil of my choice to promote circulation and softening of the skin. I love the fact 4 come in a pack. I think they make for great gifts or stocking stuffers. I have already gifted one to my daughter and niece; they both have their own little spa setups and love it. . I am keeping the other two for myself lol. Overall, I am very pleased and I have no complaints. I plan to use these for a good while!

    sugarbear - Amazon Customer
    sugarbear - Amazon CustomerTravel Nurse, Florida
  • This thing works like magic! I've tried all kinds of abrasive stones but this is the only one that fully does the job!

    CJ Goodwin - Amazon Customer
    CJ Goodwin - Amazon Customer
  • Left me feeling smooth and awesome. Used on my gaming callous as and it's barely noticeable now. Thanks for a great product.

    CGL - Amazon Customer
    CGL - Amazon Customer
  • These Pumice Stones work Amazing! They come in a nice color and are individually wrapped so you can use one, gift one, personally I love them I'll be keeping them all! There are two different sides, one is for really getting that dry flaky skin off and one is to finish. I live in the desert so my heels and feet get pretty dry and nasty. I scrubbed my feet with this pumice stone for only about 5 minutes the first time and I couldn't believe the progress. Check out the before and after pic! My feet get so cracked and caked but with this stone, my heels were fresh and clean! I love love love them and recommend them to anyone that has awful heels like mine or just need to buff them out a little bit. I did receive this product at no cost in exchange for my honest unbiased review.

    Michelle - Amazon Customer
    Michelle - Amazon CustomerVictorville, CA
  • Great pack of pumice stones. These are great quality and much larger than the ones I purchase locally which I am very happy about because they are easier for me to hold and use in the shower. The dark purple side has ridges and is the coarse side which I would recommend using first then the lavender side is a medium coarseness which I like to follow up with to smooth my feet. I was very please that these were wrapped together AND individually. That means you can give them as gifts, use them as stocking stuffers, or part of gift bags, etc. I purchased this item with a promotional discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I have no relationship or affiliation will the seller. All of my reviews reflect my honest opinion. Please, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I will try to respond. If my feedback has been helpful please let me know. Have a great day and happy shopping. :)

    Joey's Mom - Amazon Customer
    Joey's Mom - Amazon CustomerOrlando, FL

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